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Welcome to The Yellow Door Day Nursery

Where children thrive


A Note From Michele...

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit our site and find out more about The Yellow Door Day nursery. We believe The Yellow Door Nursery is a very unique place, offering an engaging environment that still manages to be homely and comforting allowing children to thrive. 
We take our inspiration from the beautiful teaching style of the Reggio Emilia region of Italy- which places strong emphasis on the environment as the second teacher- this is why you will find our nursery filled with beautiful engaging invitations to play.
We would be delighted to show you first hand what we do,and why we are different from other nursery providers-so please do call to arrange a viewing. 
In the meantime please explore our site, enjoy the information. We are here to support you and your family in making sure that looking for and starting nursery life is a pleasurable and totally stress free experience. 


Nursery Life

See how your child will thrive in our Reggio inspired, child led day nursery.

We value our children as extraordinary- we protect the magic of the child by not dumbing things down, nor by  trying to mould their unique minds to our adult confined standards.

We value the 100 languages of the child …


As an award winning eco-nursery we build our curriculum around a shared commitment to make our planet a better place for our children


Healthy Minds

We believe that all aspects of the child should be nurtured creating a strong sense of belonging in the knowledge that they are a valued member of our community. We see the whole child: the mind, body and spirit...

From the minute I walked in this nursery before it had even opened, I got such a warm feeling.
- Leanne 
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